Once again, the power of the internet works it's magic! Below are pictures sent to me from Neil H. Korbas. Neil, along with me, was a member of the second graduating class of the 9th Infantry Division Sniper school at Bear Cat, RVN,  November 1968.




Neil is pictured here receiving his diploma from Gen. Timothy. Neil is currently living in Spokane WA., and is a Deputy Prosecutor  for the DA's office in Spokane. If you have any pictures or information about sniper school, please contact me or Neil. Neil's home phone number is 509-624-9456. He will be glad to speak with you!
I'll try to ID some of the folks in the picture, but please, if you can help us, let me know if you recognize anyone here. We do know that in the front row left side, the first three troopers are Stanley Burwell,  Deono Miller (Burwell was Neil's partner and Miller was my partner) and Casey Stengle. Bruce Renton is in the front row, far right. Neil is in the back row, second from right. I am standing in the back row, right of Neil.

This commendation might be a bit hard to read, but it was recently given to my partner, Deono Miller by the State of South Dakota for Deono's outstanding contribution both in Viet Nam and after he came home, helping his fellow citizens and veterans better sooth the wounds of Viet Nam. After returning from Viet Nam, Deono went thru his own healing period, then started working with many veterans, schools and organizations where he spoke, displayed articles and shared his experiences with others to help the healing process and give people a better understanding of the war in Viet Nam. Congratulations, Miller....not bad for an old dirt farmer from South Dakota!!!!!! Congratulations also to Deono's wife, Lona, who's a fantastic person, and to his three beautiful and talented daughters. May God continue to bless them all!



Here is a great picture. How many times have we been in this situation! This guy was with us in the 3/60th, but I can't remember his name. Help, anyone!

This is a picture of Col Geraci, 1st Bn., who, with LTC Schroder, seen below, landed to fly out a wounded trooper and ended up in the soup. I don't remember where this was taken, however I hope he didn't pull the trigger on that M-16! Photo by John Gardenhire. Thanx to Mike Burke for the ID.


Here is the rescue party carrying out some of the wounded. The guy in the front right was LTC Schroder, CO of the 2nd Bn., 39th Inf. LTC Schroder was later KIA. They named a FSB after him in the Plain of Reeds. Special thanx to Cliff Schultz.

Curtis Dugger Jr., I think, enjoying something that resembles watermelon. Dugger was one hell of an M-79 man!



Shot taken at Tiger's Lair, 3/47th sometime between April '69 and August '69. If you were there, this is part of Bravo Company, right across the street from HHQ, right next to the MP compound.

These two guys were also with me, but again, no names. I think the one guy's name might be Sabray, or something close.


God bless the RTO! Before going to sniper school (and my dad wondered why in the hell I volunteered for that) I was an RTO. The only good part about being an RTO was you got the cushy night spot to sleep near the LT. You know, I really feel sorry for everyone who had to go to RVN and was not an 11B. They were deprived of this type activity. I mean, hell, people pay good money to spend lots of time in the water! Look at this guy, he smilin'...kinda!