Vietnam to me was pretty much about people. The people we fought to save and the people who did the fighting. I made some good Vietnamese friends, some who I still see here in the States and some great former troopers with the 9th.  It's also pretty amazing how many people have seen this site and shared with me their memories and stories about their time in Viet Nam. This page has also brought a lot of people together and renewed old, long-forgotten friendships. A special "thank you" to everyone who contributed! I'm glad to help. 


Does anyone remember this little memento for the 9th Inf. Div.? I guess this makes me official......

Miguel Ascar playing with a small puppy we rescued from a PF outpost (you'll see a few pics of it later) after we saw this guy's brother end up in the stew pot. We named the dog "Chicken Man". I have no idea why. I guess it just fit.....



Charlie Jones and John Adame with John's "short-timers" calendar. As you can see, John drew a bikini on this sweetie, numbered in blocks, 1 to 100 to represent days left in-country, and by the time she was dressed, it's time to go home!

Sgt. Benavides and Sgt. Soto



Beer, Beer, Beer. Hey, what else do you do on your time off? I think that's Jack Bussard, Miguel Ascar and I'm not sure of the rest of the guys in this picture. Miguel's living in California.

Jack Bussard and Eddie Cox in Dong Tam. I have no idea why they are dressed like this. Heading into town, I guess....hehehe...



This would be Jack Bussard on the left, Bob Stumph in the middle and Mike Davey on the right. My M-16 on the wall. Special thanx to Mike Davey for responding to me to correct the spelling of his name......after 30 years! Hello brother, and Welcome Home!!!!!

Hi guys, what's happening? Jack Bussard and Bob Stumph



John Carrillo, John Adame and Miguel Ascar holding court

Hi Charlie Jones, where ever are you going with that awful rifle on your shoulder?