Ah, the boats......hot food, flush toilets, A/C, no guard duty....and we got to spend about three days a month on 'em! Here we are, the 3/60th, 9th Infantry Division stationed on the USS Whitfield County. We were part of the U. S. Army's Mobile Riverine Force in the Mekong Delta, August, 1968-1969.

Here is one of the many e-mail’s I get concerning this site…..From Kathy, "My dad was with Charlie Company of the same unit. He lived on APL26. His name is Ralph Kell." If anyone remembers Ralph, e-mail Kathy at glider22@hotmail.com. She’ll be glad to hear from you!


Shot of some Alpha Boats tied up along side of our barracks ship, USS Whitfield County. What a rust bucket....but warm and safe, God Bless Her!

Hey, Jack, wake up...Jack Bussard, obviously very tired if one racks out on the fire hose! Guess it beats sleeping near a red ant mound. Anyone remember those red ants? They were as bad as the VC!


This would be Eddie Cox flashing the ever popular "give-me-two-of-whatever-you-have" sign". Oh, it's a "peace" sign. Yikes, what a novel idea....

This would be me relaxing on the ship between ops out in the jungle. I wonder where I got the camo fatigue pants? Swapping VC junk to the navy guys, perhaps!


Poker on deck! Hopefully someone can ID these guys. I can't! That's Miguel Ascar's head in the back, middle of the picture.

Picture taken from the USS Whitfield County. Tango and Alpha boats polluting the air! Ugh, I wonder what this air index is. Looks like L.A.


That would be me in the middle, and by the look on my face I have a lousy hand. I don't know who is to my left and right. Do you?

I can't remember this guy's name, either! He does, nonetheless, look happy! I wonder why?


South water entrance to Dong Tam ( I think!). Seems I remember Charlie blowing up the ammo dump right inside this entrance one night.

Tango Boats. Remember these things? They stank like hell from the diesel fuel and when we came back off of an op, the bottom of the boat was filled with leeches and blood from same. Lord have mercy!