Here are two of our Tiger scouts. That's Nyguen Phouc on right and Nyguen Van Quan on the left.  A special thanx to Tim Goins, who ID'd Quan for me. Tim wrote, "He (Quan) was very brave (at least when I served with him), and saved me from getting zapped once in CanTho". They were both honorable soldiers!

Ralph Turner II. He referred to himself as "guru". Now "guru" of what I'm not sure, but he was/is a nice guy. Ralph, where the hell are you?


This is a picture of one of the Hydrofoils, or whatever they called them, prowling around the waters outside of Dong Tam.

This shot shows the boys working on what appears to be a Tango boat in drydock at Dong Tam.


These house trailers were home to the many civilian workers at Dong Tam. One of LBJ's good buddies from Texas had a huge contract to build Dong Tam. No graft and corruption here!

Here are some more Alpha's and Tango's churning up the water. God those things stank! Remember those screaming Detroit Diesel engines? Ugh.


Here's a shot of a barracks ship. If anyone can ID this baby, you're good!  The sky is blue, the water is brown. Well, that's 50%, what the hell.

Tango's, Tango's, everywhere Tango's. How the hell did they get that name? "Tango's", I'd call 'em "Shit-O's". However, they sure were lovely when it was time to go back to the mother ship on 'em! Yeah!