Another air shot of Dong Tam showing some the Brown River navy and the MRF boats to the left of Dong Tam.

Lovely shot of the area behind our barracks in Dong Tam, complete with rocket shelters, showers and the ever popular latrines.


Frontal of view of our beautiful accommodations in Dong Tam. Actually they were not bad. At least they were dry!

105 heading down the highway outside of Dong Tam.


This, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls is an aerial photo of the "Cross Roads". The Cross Roads was the scene of many a shoot-out with the bad guys and the place where many good American's paid a high price. Ugh, I hated to go to this place.

You talk about flat, this place is it! I think this is another shot of downtown Dong Tam.


This is the main road from Dong Tam to Ben Tre, I think. It's a road, or something close to it. And it's also the rainy season. Those paddy's are full of water. Yummy!

Remember this scene? Roadside maintenance in Dong Tam. Steel lined ditches to control water run-off during the monsoon season.


Another shot of the wayward dog we had. I think his name was "Chickenman". Can you imagine just being a dog and then being a dog in Vietnam? "Oh fer two!"

Shot from behind our barracks in Dong Tam.