How could we ever forget this place? What the hell is it? I think it's a pre-Walmart or something close.

This is a picture out the back of our barracks, chopper heading in the the command headquarters building.


This shot is somewhere outside of Dong Tam at a busy traffic intersection. I really have no idea where this is! We were pulling road guard here, or we were supposed to be......The sign says something about My Tho.

Well, here I am again. See the Alfred E. Newman poster? My ears resembled his, so he was kinda my hero at the time.


Oh boy, the shit barrels and the trash cans. What a site, or is that sight?

More of the locals. I think she cleaned the barracks...that and probably a few other things!


Hey, good news! The missing is now found! This is a picture of one Mr. Steve Staples, now living in Northern California. Steve found himself on this page and sent me an e-mail. Man, did that make my day or what! Steve was in fact an LT. with Military Intelligence. Welcome home, Steve, er, Sir!

Shot of the back of the mess hall. Actually this place looked bad from both the front and the back.


This is our movie theater which doubled as a volley ball court. it was also a popular target for VC mortar crews.

This is the RF/PF outpost near Dong Tam where we heisted the puppy from. The RF/PF crew here was on a "dog diet"!