Phouc and Bob Stumph

Here are some of the local kids hanging out.



R to L, Melvin Pope, Durham, Fincannon, Lee and Bob Stumph

Melvin Pope. Pope was wounded and sent back to the states.



The guy on the far left with his hand at his mouth is Sgt. Griffith, or Griffin, something like that. Don't know who the others are. I think Joe Flynn is in this picture also.

Here are the boys getting ready for another patrol. Big Jack Bussard with his M-16 and a can of something. Dugger and his M-79 to the right of Jack.



How the hell did I survive this! Me as an RTO. If you were here with me, you'll remember the bald headed women to the left of the tree? Buku dinky-dau.....

The shower for the boys in the orderly room. Seems to me I remember someone putting about 10 bags of Kool-Aid in the water tank just to piss off Top. It worked, too. hehehe



Me and Bobby Stumph. Bobby's now living in the state of New York and doing just fine!!

Top....but I don't know if it's before or after the Kool-Aid shower...hehehe