Formation. That's Ralph Turner giving me the "finger" in the background. We always "fell out" here to head out for road guard.

Just another road to guard. Looks like I-80 in PA. This road was heading out of Dong Tam, but don't ask me where it lead to. Hell, I think!



Yesterday, 26 Dec 2002 I got a great Christmas present. Bob Hoelle's sister in CA was surfing the web and found these pix. She called Bob and told him about this site. Bob sent me an e-mail...and after all these years, since 1969, Bob and I had a great telephone reunion! We were both absolutely elated to know that both of us survived, are alive and well and have families of our own! God bless the USA...and the internet!

This is Robert Hoelle, from Hamilton Ohio.  Great guy. Bob got some gravy job as an honor guard, or pulling ceremony duty. Anyway, it sure beat going out in the field!

Bob and yours truly. Hmmmm, see the difference in fatigues between pomp and circumstance!! Ha......



I think this is another shot of Bob Hoelle, but I don't know what he's doing? Hell, none of us knew what we were doing!

John Carrillo doing something.



My bunk. Oh my I'm skinny.......must have been the good food and exercise! I think I weighed in at 120, soaking wet! Well, at least I was a very small target. It must have worked...hehehe

Oh, check out the stripes!...a PFC! Actually the real PFC designation I wanted was "Poor Fuckin Civilian". I would have to wait about 16 more months for that to happen, though.



Hey, Howard, throw away that cigarette! Well, I finally did, in 1970 and haven't smoke one since. Big deal, huh!

I think the guy on the right is Bob Dugger. Dugger was the M-79 man. Lee the laundry girl is in the middle.



This, according to the back of my photo, is our FAO. LT. Kubtash receiving an award for good shooting, I guess.