I think these two guys are Mr.'s Henderson and Brannon, however I don't know who's who!

Look, I shined my boots and got this cool beret. Do I look tough?



This is Sgt. Richard Hunford. One of the finest men ever to wear the uniform! Period! Rich now lives in Washington state.

Here's a pic of our Tiger Scout, Nguyen Van Phouc (better know as New-Yan Van Fuck-up) fooling around with Rich Hunford.


John Adame fixing his uniform, getting ready to go home. I still had a lifetime left in RVN!

Me and Robert Stumph. Bob's got the "civvies" on too. Where the hell do these people think they're going? Hey Bob, that's the same shirt Cox had on! Who owns that thing? Bobby's living in New York.


Here's a shot of the boys milling about outside the barracks in Dong Tam. We're dong what we do best.....being confused!

Do you remember the snack wagon in Dong Tam? I think we referred to it as "the garbage scow", or something close to that.