Here I'm comparing our sniper rifles, XM-21 M-14 w/3x9 Redfield on the left, NM-M-14 w/starlight on the right. we could shoot the balls off of a mosquito with the Redfield. The starlight was another story! You know I still have these tiger fatigues but guess what...they don't fit! I think they shrank....Yikes....

Here's a super picture of the sniper team stationed at Tiger's Lair. Again, names escape me, but the guy w/the shades is Alvin Leach. I'm in the middle, Byron's middle center and Miller is back, left.


Here we are in Dong Tam at Sniper HQ. The guy digging into his wallet is paying for a beer. The guys hanging out here were all USAMTU marksman's, some real "hard holders". Most were members of " The Presidents 100" shooters.

Here's a picture of Sniper HQ again. The guy behind the desk is the "first shirt", MSG Falcon. The guy sitting to the right is the same guy in the previous group picture standing front, right. Name unknown, Damn!


Jack Beerman, from Pittsburgh, PA. Beerman was in the 4.2 mortar platoon stationed at Hep Hung, a small base down the road from Delta Company, 3/47. Beerman was the "Pied Piper of Hep Hung". He had every little kid in the 'ville hanging around him. Sometime ask me about the goat story. It's a riot and shows the thought process of Mr. Beerman! Jack's a great guy!